Build your future

The Montreal building is a forward-thinking residential complex in Green Village, a mixed-use development at the heart of Geneva’s international district. The building stands amid lush vegetation and offers easy access to the centre of Geneva, with the city’s large public transport network – including soft mobility options – at your doorstep.

The Montreal building takes its name from the Montreal Protocol, a global agreement finalised in 1987 that aims to halve the production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances. Originally signed by 24 countries, it was ratified by all 196 states in 2009, making it the first universally ratified environmental treaty in UN history.

The Montreal building, like the rest of Green Village, is packed with cutting-edge green and sustainable technologies.

The building combines carefully selected finishes, natural tones and abundant vegetation to remain at one with its surroundings. Your balcony is your link between indoor and outdoor living. It’s a place to relax, chat and socialise against the backdrop of the village’s quiet, leafy garden.

Green Village is arranged around the Ecumenical Centre, the headquarters of the World Council of Churches. This iconic building, listed in 2018, has played host to some of the global peace movement’s biggest names and continues to welcome international dignitaries to this day.

The completion of the apartments is planned for year end 2022, all early 2023.